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Average customer review: 5.0 star rating (4.9 Stars)

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5.0 star rating Ateve from Toronto, Ontario


Saw them 5 times and the show is amazing!!! Won’t be disappointed No comment on the music

5.0 star rating Tony K from Vancouver, British Columbia


Excellent high-energy show right from the get go ! These guys rock it out as good as they were 40 years ago. Very impressed with their heavy hitting pyrotechnics....amazing laser and light show, fire breathing Simmons, Paul Stanley was lifted from the stage over the crowd to a second elevated platform where he received raving cheers from the crowd. Everyone that went to the concert definitely got their moneys worth from the show....and we being in the lineups to buy KISS T-shirts prior to the show revealed how loved this band is !!!

5.0 star rating J. Roper from Spokane, Washington


Took my two teenage sons to their first (and my first as well) KISS concert and they did NOT disappoint! The most amazing thing about the concert is to realize the age of these guys and what they were pulling off! The vocals still sound great and the showmanship... WOW! The only thing I can criticize is the sound and that was probably due to the size of the venue. There were times when the sound got washed out against each other where I couldn't make out who was playing or what was being played. It was only a few times and a very minor critique considering everything else was spot on! I'm sure there will be people who poo-poo the concert but all I know is, I had two very happy, excited teens, with the biggest smiles on their faces! So glad we were able to catch the show before they hang up their instruments forever. Go to the show! You wont regret it!

5.0 star rating Oscar from San Diego, California


Took my father in law he wait 40 yers to see them live he is so amazed unforgettable show don’t miss it

5.0 star rating Cooper Raleigh from Los Angeles , California

IT IS KISS!!!!!!!!!

IT IS KISS and they still rock I fell in love with songs I have never heard at all. Overall it was a great show. I wanted to go but not because it was there last show in Anaheim 😭. KISS you will be missed and forever in our Harts.

5.0 star rating Scott from Dallas, Texas


Wanted to take my sons to their first concert. Oldest 17 and youngest 14 I thought maybe I was going more for me since I had never seen KISS and always wanted to. My sons were on their feet the whole show and loved it. Great night

5.0 star rating from Dallas, Texas


From 1976 to 2019, this was my ninth KISS concert. This was by far the best sounding show of them all. There is no way Ace or Peter could have done for Kiss what Thayer and Singer bring to the lineup. Far superior musicianship and enthusiasm all the way around. This was going out on top for The End of The Road.

5.0 star rating John Hansen from Omaha, Nebraska


Saw the show last night, truly amazing show. This is a hall of fame band, if there ever was one. It ROCKS from start to finish. Great special effects, and some nice achived footage from years past used in the backdrops. From the first time i saw them in '77 and '79 to now they still rock.

5.0 star rating Dan from Omaha, Nebraska


Kiss rock the Chi Health Center like no other band. Best Concert .

5.0 star rating Mark Remington from Fremont Nebraska


Have seen KISS 25 times!!! They are the best live band ever!!!!! My 5 year old to her fist ever. Concert and she rocked all night singing with me!!!! Sad to see it end!!!!! Kiss fan forever!!!!!

5.0 star rating Dale from Watseka, Illinois


What a show. They can still bring it.

5.0 star rating Brian from Louisville, Kentucky


What can I say? I've seen KISS many times throughout their career. I honestly have to say this was hands down the best tour. I won't give it away - anyone a die hard KISS fan MUST go and experience it for yourself!!

5.0 star rating Paul Wernich from New Orleans, Louisiana


I have always appreciated the niche that KISS has filled for the past 40 years. When I heard this was their farewell tour I had to go. Since they are pushing 70 I figured they would show up in their costumes and do a few songs just to appease their fans. Nope. What they did instead was deliver a first rate show over 2 hours long. They looked great, sounded great, and impressed. They are true entertainers. A++, thank you guys.

5.0 star rating Debbie K from Cleveland, Ohio


My son bought tickets, first time he saw Kiss, they rocked, love the light show, I was on feet the whole night, I was on the verge of tears, as it took me back to my teenage years, thank you so much for the rocking show, much Love❤️

5.0 star rating Dave from Hartford, Connecticut


I went to Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Ct. with my girlfriend's younger sister. Her 1st and my 34th time since 1975. Was over the top with pyrotechnics and various lifts. Lighting is so professional. I could see that show 10 times over and never be bored. Great show guys and your musical variations are great. It has been great to be part of your Kisstory and yes at 60, I'm a KISS Army fan.

5.0 star rating Aaron from Hartford, Connecticut


Kiss delivered despite the speculationof lips inking and other negatively from the pundants. I have to say the show was worth every penny.

5.0 star rating Steve from Boston, Massachusetts


First time I seen the band was at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston 1975. They were incredible that show and did not disappoint last night. The selection of music and props were excellent. Too bad this will end some day. Never would have thought I would be attending a concert with a band that I had seen over 40 years ago. They still have it and should have made the HOF a lot sooner.

5.0 star rating Angie M. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


What a send off Kiss gave to Philly last night! From killer pyro technics, floating/rising stages, and balloons/streamers, this band rocked! Music was loud and songs had the crowd singing and moving. If you know Kiss' music, you will rock to all the songs. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have attended this farewell event. Last time I saw Kiss was at the Salt Palace in 1986 and power blew out in opening song, Detroit Rock City and everyone was told to leave. Kiss will not disappoint! If you are a fan and have not seen them live, I would strongly recommend you go and see before they end this final tour.

5.0 star rating Shawn C from Boston, Massachusetts


Having been a member of the KISS army since the 70's, I was excited to see the band once again. The show was Loud, Tight, and Sensational. Stanley once again demands our attention, and gets it from the opening lines until the very end. The set list was spot on, and the fans got their moneys worth. Once again the Kings of the Nighttime World set their spell on Boston, and we fans are grateful for it. Thanks fellas! Long Live KISS!

5.0 star rating Jim L from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Awesome concert. My wife got her and I tickets for Christmas present. She really didn’t want to go but did for me. She ended up singing and yelling as loud as me. She couldn’t be believe the show they preformed. Best concert and show ever seen.

5.0 star rating James lantrip from North Charleston, South Carolina


Went saw them last night with my wife an nine year old grandson first time for them seeing kiss my third we all loved it of course i new how awesome there concerts are now they do also we were on our feet the whole time kiss still as great as ever it does take some csah but well worth it plenty lazers an pyro lifting platforms they have it all Thank you kiss for doing what you do

5.0 star rating Tricia from Charlotte, North Carolina


The show was the best show ever! It was exciting and a lot of fun! The crowd was very into the show and it was sold out! The band was awesome and performed hard for the entire show. Only thing we would like to see is Ace! Thank you for a great evening! Love the guys in the band!!!

5.0 star rating Billy from Charlotte, North Carolina


Best live band ever! The excitement and energy are still there. Been going since 79 took my kids to see them and oldest granddaughter this time. She was ecstatic! Love these guys going to miss them!

5.0 star rating Brent seely from Toronto, Ontario


We went from London to see them and it was everything we hoped for great show guys

5.0 star rating Ann Marie McCabe from Toronto, Ontario


Concert was absolutely Amazing from start to finish these boys are in a league of their own, they stand out above all other bands because they just get better and better as they get older, lazer lights show was incredible,(I’d recommend ear plugs for the extremely loud explosions though) The crowd s we’re going crazy. 10 out of 10 for the Drum solo

5.0 star rating D. Chatsick. from Toronto, Ontario


Saw kiss for the first time in 1976 at Maple leaf gardens 43 years ago and seeing them on Saturday night they sounded just like they did then amazing. These guys really know how to bring it they don't stop they rock the whole show real hard.if you get a chance to see them before they hang it up for good don't miss it you won't be sorry. Thanks for a great show guys.

5.0 star rating Kevin from New York, New York


Over 20 shows later and i still crave more these guys kick ass give you what you want .then tell you thank you by giving you the best god damm show ever produced you gotta love it loud kiss gave my daughter and i another crazy night

5.0 star rating Gene kelly from Kearny New Jersey



5.0 star rating Nick from Hershey, Pennsylvania


I've seen kiss 6 times this show was rocking till toward the end the show rocked very well for little over an hr good stage show as always but noticed that from past kiss concerts they seemed to kinda rush with the show I dont know if it was them or that if it was Hershey but I did notice that past kiss concerts were definitely more energetic then this one but still rocked and I've never missed a kiss concert in Hershey and I've been going to concerts there since I was 12 I'm 41 now but kiss will always rock and hope I get to see them before the fine concert on this tour.

5.0 star rating Lee Fogel from Walton, KY


It was an awesome show from start to finish! I wish there had been an opening act that pumped the crowd up though. The guy doing the painting to music is truly talented but it was a bit of a buzzkill. Otherwise, the band was amazing and even played a few early songs from their catalog I was not expecting.

5.0 star rating Andrew from Santa Fe, New Mexico


UNBELIEVABLE! One of the best, most entertaining, high energy concert experiences I've ever had and by far the best KISS show I've seen. Me and the crew that joined me absolutely loved it!!!

5.0 star rating Roberta b from Syracuse, New York


i knew who they were but never really listened to them then i seen them in real life and now i cant stop going on youtube just hear one of their songs i heard live and it blows my mind that i seen them right in front of me was worth every penny to see them makes me sad cause i know ill never get to see them again but just knowing that i got the chance to see them in real life is something i will never forget

5.0 star rating Don G from Antrim, NH


This show surpassed our expectations. Knew they were kings of the soundstage but what a specticle to behold. ascending and descending platforms, pyrotechnics, guitar firing rockets, sonic booms and more. LIght show surperb and othere extras like fox machine, shooting fire and cable ride across the stadium for Paul Stanley. Don't miss the next one before it is final curtain call. I gave my wife earplugs and she used them, I love it loud so no issue for me, we were both thoroughly entertained and would do it again. Even in the nosebleed section it was a fantastic show.

5.0 star rating Anton Jansen from Los Angeles, California


I didn’t see them last night, but saw them on this tour in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but saw this one this morning in parts. They were and still are amazing. What a band. You can compare any band in the top league with them. Showmanship, always action and a great sound. I have seen them 21 times from 1976 up till now and they never sounded So good. Thayer and Singer may be copies of the two originals and yes they weren’t part of the band when the big classics were written, but, they are by far better and steady musicians. Don’t listen to critics. They never were able to step over their OWN shadow, and able to witte a honest review. So my advies:,Go and see the best live band in the World. Even if you don’t now most of the songs, It is still een overwhelming and suler energetic performance, you won’t forget. Cheers to ya all, Anton Jansen

5.0 star rating Sean F from Boston, Massachusetts


Seen Kiss many times and probably the best Paul has sounded in a long time. These guys work their Butts off and delivered a great show! Laser show was spot on along with the pyrotechnics and bombs and confetti We demanded the best and we got the best!!

5.0 star rating Stella B from Phoenix, Arizona


TRULY EXCEPTIONAL IN EVERY WAY!! I have been a fan since grade school and now, at 53 yes old; I sang along to every song and bounced just like a teeny bopper through entire high energy show. BEST LIVE SHOW EVER!!!! THANK YOU!!!! GENE IS THE PREFIX FOR GENIUS!!!!

5.0 star rating Miller Mike from Fort Worth, Texas



5.0 star rating Chad Davis (30316) from Atlanta, Georgia


My wife and I were at the show Sunday night (10/10/2021) in Atlanta at Lakewood, and we were blown away. I have waited so long to see this show, and the guys did not disappoint at all! Tommy and Eric, you are both legends and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Gene and Paul, there is nothing I can say that can give you enough credit for shaping my childhood. Some of my earliest memories were seeing my older classmates in a talent show perform as you guys in 1976, my close 6-year-old friend foaming at the mouth with a blood capsule, each of them lip sync'ing (please don't sue them) to your early hits...I was hooked as a 4-year-old and painted KISS on my dad's white t-shirt (got my ass beat for it, but it was so worth it). I love you all and the institution that is KISS! Thanks for giving me (and my wife) the best concert that I have ever seen and bringing it to Atlanta!

4.0 star rating Joe from Vancouver,


the show was good and yes they were loud , to bad as it would been better if the show was a little less distorted as many people were saying other than that it was a good show great drum solo

4.0 star rating Bagger from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


KIss at Wells Fargo Center, Philly. Show was exactly what you should expect from KIss. Face Melting Pyro, Eardrum punishing volume, Chest compressing explosions, Eyeball blinding lazers and lights. The band had great energy and it they delivered a performance that was over the top, solidifying the night in our memories as one for the ages... THIS IS HOW YOU GO OUT!! ON TOP, delivering that special sauce to the fans who adore KISS. Was amazed as just how the KIss Experience spans the ages.. the show was sold out. Age ranges spanned the full spectrum young to old. KISS is rock and roll and this show will not disappoint!!

4.0 star rating Chris Spain from Nashville, Tennessee


Saw Kiss the first time in 1983. Again in 1984. Then last night 2019. For the most part the show was amazing as advertised. Nothing against the painter for opening act but think Kiss could have maybe done a little acoustic medley type set instead of the painting. One issue though was a cable/line that was hanging down that obstructed our view. We we right in center of stage last row in 100s. The cable divided the stage into halves. I always try to get seats where I can see the drummer and could not see him from center stage because of a cable? The song selection was good but personally would have changed some. But hey they can’t please everyone on that.

3.0 star rating Bill Uhring from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Let me first say I am a huge KiSS fan. Saw them so many times i cant even remember. The band was great . But, I was very disappointed in that the event was somewhat cut short. Start time was 730 and nothing happened until 845 I believe. Ushers had said there was supposed to be a movie about KISS played, but nothing. A 730 start put you in your seat at 715ish. So for 90 minutes we sat there listening to music the "Celebration" and what not. The "hold" music sucked for a KISS concert. But the fact that we dropped almost 400 on tickets and another 200 on drinks, food and shirts, sucks for the show we got. If the band didnt start till 845, say that and I would have been there at 845. Not 715. It was terribly produced prior to KISS starting. Again, show was great. KISS was awesome. Not sure if the KISS production dropped the ball or PPG arena. Either way, the night draaaggged until the show started. A 90 minute buzz kill before the show started. .


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